How Awesome Would It Be To Vacation With Neil Patrick Harris, Elton John & Families

NPH & Elton John

A picture is worth a thousand words, but this one only needs three. Best Vacation Ever.

I can’t help it. I look at this picture and I just wish, in my heart of hearts, that I could be invited to family vacation with Neil Patrick Harris, Elton John, and their amazing families in Saint-Tropez. Here’s what I imagine would happen if my little Bean and I ever got the opportunity.

After a day of site-seeing and playing around in the water, we’d all sit down to a really amazing dinner that David Burtka ha whipped together. Does he cook? Of course he does, it’s my fantasy. The little ones would have a healthy nutritious plateful that they would actually eat. And enjoy. I wouldn’t even have to count the number of bites taken.

The parents would all be drinking wine as we ate. When the kids did something adorable, NPH would break out in a little song and dance routine. We’d all clap and laugh and have a grand old time.

After dinner, my daughter would entertain the little ones. She adores cooing at babies. She’d get to feel like the big responsible four-year-old to all those adorable little ones. Does one of the families have a small pet dog? I feel like they should and the dog should be on the trip to play with the kids on the floor. In a completely safe way of course.

When it was bedtime, Sir Elton would coo all the little ones to sleep. They’d snuggle under covers with smiles on their faces. We might have to go in just one last time, about ten minutes after the light has been turned off, to give another round of hugs and kisses. But then they would all sleep peacefully. The parents could stay up and sit around, making witty conversation and maybe having a couple more glasses of wine. Someone would be the responsible one staying sober in case any of the kids woke up, but they wouldn’t resent the duty.

Then, after hours of old stories and adorable anecdotes, we’d all go to bed. Then the whole thing would start all over again.

Someone please try to tell me that this wouldn’t be the best vacation ever. So, so, so much better than the one where you can’t find anyone’s toothbrush and the bedding in your condo used a weird fabric softener that made your skin break out in a rash. There would be no over-priced dinner at a restaurant that really wasn’t as good as that random brochure promised. There would be no whining and exhausted kids who seem have a layer of sand coating their scalp that refuses to wash out.

I realize that Neil Patrick Harris and Elton John probably don’t have a life as idyllic as I imagine, but I don’t care. Seeing this adorable picture makes me think that there’s a world out there where such magnificence is possible. There’s a world where that perfect vacation exists. And if I can only get myself to Saint-Tropez at the right time of year, it just might magically happen. That idea gives me hope for my family vacation.

(Photo: WENN)

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