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They Don’t Call Us Hot Mamas For Nothing: Try TheGloss Dating In 2012

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woman laptopBeing a single mother may not appear glamorous behind the scenes. You work hard, both at the job and at home, keeping all the plates spinning so much so that romance may be the very last thing on your list. And from what we mothers know about checklists, the last “to do” rarely gets done. Am I right? So for you single moms on the go with little to no time to be fixed up with friends, or friends of friends, or the town librarian who your mother swears is the nicest person ever, consider TheGloss Dating.

Online dating no longer holds any stigma in these modern times, so make an account for free and peruse profiles. But what’s special about TheGloss Dating, brought to you in partnership between our sister site TheGloss and online dating site HowAboutWe, is that it’s not just about the potential match’s photos and descriptions of himself. The emphasis is on what the two of you will do together on your first (or second or third) date. As a mommy with your hands full, post your ideal date with the “How about we…” function. If you’re convinced that seeing silent films while snacking on M&Ms is solely your idea of a good time, then just post such a scenario and see who comes flocking. You’ll get to enjoy the things you love to do in your precious free time, and meet new people while doing it. You can even connect with other parents or childless folk who share not just your location but also your interests using the mobile app.

It’s a new year, so amid all the shuttling to and from soccer practice and keeping those lunches packed, don’t forget about you and what you want romantically for 2012, hot mama.

Join TheGloss Dating now, just by following this link.

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