10 Household Items Your Kids Will Like Better Than Their Expensive Toys

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Toys overflowing the toy box. Toys all over the floor. Toys in the corners of the room. Toys downstairs. Toys upstairs. Toys blocking the stairs. Toys under the couches. Toys, toys, toys. But you know what’s more interesting to my kids than toys? Things that are not toys.

Sometimes, my toddlers are just plain bored with every one of their millions of toys. There’s not one of them that can hold their interest for more than a few moments. Bored, bored, bored, they say. Actually, to me it sounds more like, wah, waaah, waaaaahhhhhh! But, you know. The meaning is the same.

So, what do we do? Buy more toys? Yeah, right.

No, we take the classic toddler trick that’s been working for generations upon generations and turn not-toys into toys. Here are some favorites that I encourage you to try the next time your kid demands every item in the Target toy aisle:

 1) The laundry basket.



Otherwise known as a sled, a fort, a carrying device for other toys, a big pot for making pretend chocolate and a giant stepstool. The babies could play with a laundry basket all day. And I let them.

2) Pots and pans and buckets, oh my!



They use the loud metal ones as drums. They’ll raid my silverware drawer (which consists of just spoons these days) to mix up some delicious make-believe goodies, and when those delicacies are ready for cooking, they open the bottom cabinet and use the old coffee maker and crockpot as a stove and oven. Soon I shall train them to cook for real, and my master plan will be complete.

3) Flashlights.



Whether they’re making shadows on the walls, following and chasing the light beams or searching for monsters in the dark, flashlights mean up to an hour of mommy-less fun or for mommy – Instagram-checking time.

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