I Don’t Think I Want A Hot Gynecologist

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136801619There’s a gynecologist in Chile that women are lining up to see – because he’s a hottie. No, thanks. I don’t want my gynecologist to be hot. I prefer the qualities of old and frumpy in my male gynecologists. Really, I prefer women – but if I have to have a man look up my vagina in a medical way, I prefer old and frumpy.

The Google translate version of the story I read about this says women have been “rioting” to get into this guy’s care. I may take that with a grain of salt. The translated version of this story is hilarious, by the way. Actually my favorite part is the caption under his picture that says, “It looks like a Hollywood star, but gynecologist.”

Manuel Rico is, obviously, a handsome young man, but not only that: in 2010 he was elected King of Beauty of Spain. He arrived in September to the University of Concepción (UdeC) and the Region of Conception Hospital in the southern country.

King of Beauty of Spain. Enough said. No wonder women are “rioting” to get under his care.

I’ve never had the experience of walking into a gynecologist’s office and having the King of Beauty staring at me. I don’t think I want the King of Beauty talking me through my gynecological woes – but maybe I’m just weird. Having never had this experience, I’m actually not sure if it would make me uncomfortable at all. I’m just imagining walking into a doctor’s office and seeing George Clooney – and I’m not sure I would be down with that.

Have any of you ever had some super hot gynecologist? Was it weird? Did you even notice at all or am I totally shallow and immature? Do tell.

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