We Should Teach Our Daughters That Dangerous Felons Aren’t The Same Thing As Sexy Bad Boys

If you’ve spent anytime online in the past 24-hours you’ve probably seen a photo of the hot felon that everyone is talking about, 30-year-old Jeremy Meeks. The arrest that produced the now famous mugshot was for felony weapons charges; authorities seized four guns – two rifles, a handgun and shotgun. The arrest carries a $900,000 bond. Sexy!


He’s undeniably attractive, but call me crazy if I don’t find a teardrop tattoo “hot.” There are several theories regarding the tattoos, but the most prominent are that they signify how many people you’ve killed or how many years you’ve spent in prison. Well, we know he spent nine years in prison so…

As of right now, his photo on the Stockton Police Facebook page has almost 60,000 likes and almost 17,000 comments. He’s also been interviewed and his story is being covered on tons of media outlets, with this pretty harmless, “hot guy” angle. He’s not a fresh face. He’s not a hot model. Stockton Police Officer Joseph Silva said Meeks, who is being held on a $900,000 bond, is ”one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area.”

Does this guy really fit the bill of the sexy bad boy? I’m going to say “no.” He fits the bill of the very dangerous criminal who hints on his own face that he’s killed someone and allegedly owns a lot of guns and has gang ties. When I think sexy bad boy, I think rough-around-the-edges dude who’s quiet but speaks him mind when he needs to, rides a motorcycle and reads Steinbeck. I don’t think of a really scary, possibly murderer who happens to have pretty eyes and a nice jawline.

Also, if the alleged offenses stick – he’ll be leaving a beautiful child behind when he goes back to prison:


There’s nothing hot about that.

(photos: Facebook/Gofundme)

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