15 Super Disgusting Hot Dog “Creations” Your Kids Will LOVE

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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: Pinterest is where all good things go to die. And this is coming from a moderately dedicated Pinterest user.

I like Pinterest for the purpose of organizing and planning—lazy menu plans for family dinner, a fairly pathetic theme for my child’s first birthday party, and a fantasy trip that I have been planning to Italy for approximately five years.

As I wade through the tides of Pinterest, I often come across strange crafts and recipes targeted to idiot kids. I’m not judging because I have two idiot kids of my own, and they like the silliest stuff. As luck would have it, my oldest son is just coming to the toddler age where he absolutely loves nasty junk for dinner—macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, and hot dogs.

Any parent can tell you that hot dogs are the lowest of the low. If you want to feed your kid chicken lips and pig buttholes for dinner, be my guest—but you’ll have God to answer to. I kid, I kid. Sometimes hot dogs are the only thing your crazy kid will eat after an epic string of tantrums on a Saturday afternoon.

If you can’t get your kids to shut up and eat their dinner, try these strangely delicious hot dog recipes on for size:

1. Spaghetti + Hot Dogs = Everything Your Kid Adores In One Dish.

hot12. Super Elaborate Hot Dog Family In The Game Of Life.

hot23. Every Kid Needs A Hot Dog Dog.


4. Hot Dog Dog With Raisin Eyes.

hot65. Hot Dog Mummies For Halloween Or Year Round.

hot46. “Hot-Topus” Under The Sea?

hot57. Same “Hot-Topus,” Different Diorama.

hot78. Crab Sandwich Man With Hot Dog Legs.

hot149. Spider Hot Dogs Look Kinda Like Dead Rats On A Stick.

10. Super Simple Spiral Dogs.

11. The Easiest Corn Dog You’ll Ever Make.

12. This Is Taking It A Little Far, But Sure, Why Not?

hot1013. Hot Dog Baby Jesus Comes But Once A Year.

hot1114. Corn Dog Reindeer Just Make Sense.

15. Every Family Needs A Hot Dog Fairy.

(Image: Pinterest)