The View Unsurprisingly Does A Terrible Job Interviewing 16-Year-Old Rape Victim Jada

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 5.03.42 PMLast week we covered the horrible story of a 16-year-old girl named Jada, whose rape went viral when her peers began posting images of her passed out after her attack on different social media platforms and tagging the image with #JadaPose. The brave young women spoke to a local news station last week, in the hopes that telling her story would bring the rapists to justice and inspire other victims to speak out. Today, she talked to The View. Wow. They did a terrible job interviewing this victim. It was painful to watch.

Clearly this was never going to be an easy interview, but Jenny McCarthy failed completely.  She flubs Jada’s pastor’s name, and trips over her words repeatedly. She reads a script and just comes off as cold and robotic. This is not the subject matter for that.

Even weirder was guest host SuChin Pak‘s commentary. After Jada explains the details of her rape, Pak says, “That’s a very plausible story. That can happen at parties.” Okay. So now we’ve established that we’re not sure if we believe the girl’s “story.” Yuck. A thousand times yuck.

Another guest host, Meghan McCain, offers this line of questioning: “I understand you woke up the next morning with your underwear around your legs and that you didn’t call the police? Is that correct?” No, it wasn’t correct, so now Jada is forced to clarify painful details from the attack because they didn’t have their facts straight. Then Whoopi offers nothing other than something along the lines of “The law must take it’s course.”

This was the wrong interview for The View. It was painful to watch this girl have to answer a string of questions from these hosts. I understand it’s a talk show that has multiple hosts, but in some cases – like this one – piling on a guest does not work. My heart was breaking for Jada’s mom – who they repeatedly show in the front row – weeping.


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