This 13-Year-Old Girl Made A Movie Called ‘Zombie Kids’ And Yay For Girls Making Horror Films

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1170689_579681148757307_791282904_nI don’t know when the rest of us will get a chance to see the new full-length feature film that Hope Muehlbauer wrote, directed and acted in entitled Zombie Kids but I hope it’s soon, because I would love to show my own kids what they could be capable of if they just set their mind to it. 13-year-old Hope started writing her movie two years ago and it will be screened on October 26 in Amherst. She shot the entire movie on a digital camera with a loan from the bank of Her Parents and said that the biggest expense of her film was special effects makeup. According to the Niagara Gazette Hope explained what making this movie taught her:

“I learned you have to trust people, that you have to be patient,” she said. “You have to be ready for everything, because anything can get in the way. But I also learned I want to keep making movies.”



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This is the part of the story where some cool female director like Diablo Cody or Kimberly Peirce hears about Hope and mentors her and gives her a job on their next movie, right?

Not only do I love how ambitious this project is for a young kid, but I love the idea of more female directors getting into the horror genre. Us fans know that horror movies are overrun with dudes who seems intent on making movies filled with the same old tropes all of us are too familiar with, helpless, scantily clad ladies being chased by knife-wielding maniacs and damsels in distress who are too dumb to consider their options before they investigate that creepy noise coming from the basement. Adam Wingard who made the awesome You’re Next featuring a hardcore heroine should just take Hope under his wing now.

This is the kind of thing I want all websites to pick up and write about and for people to share her facebook page and show her support. It’s so cool that a girl so young goes after her dreams. I can’t wait to see what Hope does next.

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