Honey Boo Boo Is About To Dominate Girl Scout Cookie Sales This Year

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honey boo booA couple weeks ago, I collected some Girl Scout cookie orders for my adorable niece who lives a couple hours away. My sister told me that she had seriously struck out attempting to sell the traditional treat to her neighbors, so I hit up my in-laws and friends for some orders. I felt pretty good about the whole thing, collecting enough cash to shock and excite my niece. But our little endeavor will be absolutely nothing compared to the selling strategy of one special Brownie, little Alana Thompson, otherwise known as Honey Boo Boo.

Everyone’s favorite child beauty queen is advertising her Thin Mints to her 700,000 friends of Facebook! Better yet, each purchase comes with an autographed picture of the Thompson family. Boo Boo is even signing the boxes. How can the girl down the street compete with that?

Some of Alana’s fans are crying foul, saying that she’s “kind of cheating” on this whole cookie business. Isn’t the whole point to get out and go door-to-door, smiling and playing on people’s uncomfortableness saying no to adorable children?

Personally, I would say that if the goal of Girl Scout cookie selling is to learn about the business world, Alana should actually receive top marks, no matter how many boxes she sells. She’s using a free marketing medium. She’s trading on her own celebrity status. She’s reaching the greatest amount of people with the least amount of hard work on her part. That’s the modern business world in a nutshell.

One thing is for sure, Alana’s troop is about to come into a whole lot of cash! And considering all the good that an active Girl Scout troop can do, this is probably a win-win for everyone. So go ahead! Order your Honey Boo Boo Tag-A-Longs now.

(Photo: Josiah True/ WENN)