How About We Not Use ‘Slutty’ To Describe 6-Year-Olds — Even Pageant Ones

I love our sister site Crushable  and it’s with this love that I say to Alexis Rhiannon that she can kiss my Glitzy-the-pig adoring ass after describing Honey Boo Boo as a “slutty cupcake.”

I don’t want to insult the pastry-family, but Alana closely resembles a slutty cupcake in this outfit. Not that all cupcakes are slutty, just that some of them are.

Wait, what? You just seriously described a six-year-old child as a “slutty cupcake.” A six-year-old. As in I’m-pretty-sure-you-own-at-least-one-sweater-that-is-older-than-six-years-old, six-year-old. This little girl, Honey Boo Boo, has only been on the planet for six years and you are going to call her “slutty?”

Maybe you don’t understand what the word “slutty” means. Allow me and my amazing powers of pushing a button on the Google-machine to enlighten you.

From the free

Slut: a person, especially a woman, considered to be sexually promiscuous.

Slutty” is the adjective of slut. I don’t care how you feel about Honey Boo Boo, or her family, or her pageant costumes, but I do care when people use sexually abusive slang terms against children. She isn’t a slut, or slutty, she is a little girl, who is going to have to grow up and hear that sort of bullshit for the rest of her life, because this is what we, as women, go through. The majority of women have been called a “slut” or described as “slutty” as an insult and it’s not very fun. For you to use this word against a little girl is lame. The sexualization of young girls in these Toddlers & Tiaras type pageants is something that we can all agree is wrong and exploitive, but do we need to add to the exploitation by calling Honey Boo Boo a word that is not only demeaning towards woman, but that should never, ever be used to describe a kid? It’s not just Alexis Rhiannon who is guilty of this not-so-kind gaffe, any video posted on You Tube  of Honey Boo Boo has commenters calling her a “slut” a “whore” and even worse. Some of the comments I have read:

I will bet anyone any amount of money that this child will work in the sex industry.

It’s basically encouraging your children to become a stuck up, dramatic, douchebag. They’re all cunts for doing this.

It’s like watching a whore in the making…


Am I the only one who would like to shot both mummy and this child?

I’ve never been pro molestation buutttt….

All this ugliness directed at a person who hasn’t even been reading that long. You can’t call a child “slutty.” Any adjective works better. You can call Honey Boo Boo whatever you like, but think long and hard before you use such an ugly word against a little girl who doesn’t even fully understand the ramifications of being a child star on a reality TV show are, and how this will follow her throughout the rest of her life. By referring to Honey Boo as a “slutty cupcake”  you are participating in the sexualization of a child. Ask any mother how she would react if someone described her small child as “slutty” and I think you can understand why this type of language used towards a girl who hasn’t even lost all of her teeth yet is not only inappropriate, but offensive to all women, no matter how old they are. If you feel the need to make fun of Honey Boo Boo, or criticize child pageants, go for it. But next time, do better than slut-shaming a freaking six-year-old.


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