‘Ugh. Slept In Until 6. The Day Is Gone’ And Other Thoughts From An Honest Toddler

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You know when you log on to to send a b-day card to your brother-in-law and 45 minutes later, you’re still there, literally laughing out loud at their hilarious, bang-on greetings? Well, I just discovered the Twitter equivalent for moms. Honest Toddler is written from the perspective of a child and, man, is it every funny.

This kid’s profile alone sums it all up: “Not potty trained. Not trying.” (It’s like he plucked the thought straight from my own toddler’s brain.) Little is known about who’s truly behind the @HonestToddler account, but no matter. Because however you slice it, this is funny stuff. Like, really funny stuff. (It kind of reminds me of the early days of Shit Girls Say.)

Here’s a little sampling of some of my faves:

Check it out for a good laugh. And for a reminder that sometimes we really do seem like complete and utter freaks to our toddlers. Oh, and that they know they run the household.