Honest Brand Diaper Wipes Recalled Due to Mold Contamination

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There are a lot of organic, nontoxic diapers in the world, but Honest Diapers are probably the fanciest. They might not actually be better than the other brands, but they are certainly very cute, and a lot of people are willing to pay a few bucks extra for polka dots. Now some people are discovering that even the wipes from The Honest Co. have dots on them, but it turns out that’s not a good thing, and the company has just announced a recall of its premium, hypoallergenic baby wipes due to a mold contamination that’s causing a “spotted discoloration.”

According to an announcement on The Honest Co.’s website, the company’s 10- count, 72-count, 288-count, and 576-count wipes with specific UPC codes are being recalled due to possible contamination with mold. The comapny says the mold isn’t actually likely to be dangerous, but nobody wants to wipe their babies’ butts with anything that looks like it’s speckled with mold. Especially not when one is paying a premium for the “premium, plant-based, hypoallergenic” baby wipes.

“Certain lots of these Wipes are being voluntarily recalled due to the possible presence of mold. We believe the affected product is not likely to cause adverse health consequences, however, impacted wipes do have a spotted discoloration and the aesthetics are unacceptable,” the company said.

The recall only affects the wipes packages, not the packages of wipes included in gift sets like the diaper cakes, baby basics gift set, and baby arrival gift sets. The recall also does not affect any other Honest Co. products.

If you happen to have a set of Honest Co. wipes and want to know if they’re affected by the recall, there’s a UPC code lookup function on the Honest Co.’s website, so you can just put it in there and the company will tell you if you can return the wipes or not. The spots on the wipes are not reportedly dangerous, but they look a bit unpleasant, and parent’s are known for being risk-averse when it comes to putting stuff on their kids. If a new set of wipes would offer peace of mind, the recalled wipes can be returned for a full refund.

(Imgae: The Honest Co.)