Homework for Kindergarteners Is Stupid and This School Question Proves It

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One of the worst things about kids is having to help them with their homework. I personally thought I’d left homework behind forever when I graduated, and then my daughter started bringing homework packets home IN KINDERGARTEN. I’m feeling a little better about those packets, though, because at least it was straight-forward work. One Kindergarten parent was not so lucky, and she shared her daughter’s confusing school question on Facebook.

Royce Winnick, a mom from New York, was baffled by her daughter’s homework assignment. On the surface, it seems easy. The kids were learning about the letter T, and after writing the letter several times, the kids had to “tap out the word in the picture and write the sounds you hear.” I’ve never heard of “tapping out” a word but okay. The pictures were easily identifiable, until Winnick and her daughter got to the last one.

It's a RABBIT.

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Uh, what? When I “tap that out” I see a group of bunnies. Or maybe the teacher is looking for rabbit? That has a T. But whatever, this is supposed to be homework for five year olds, so I’m annoyed.

A Kindergartener’s homework shouldn’t make me feel stupid.

Winnick’s daughter settled on “pet,” which is pretty damn smart. The teacher marked it as “ok,” leading Winnick to ask about the correct answer, which she shared with the Huffington Post. Are you ready? The correct answer is “vet.”

WTAF? VET? I don’t see a doctor in that picture. I see a group of friggin rabbits. Is the larger bunny supposed to be the vet? I don’t get it and I’m mad and this is why homework is stupid.

This wasn’t the first time Winnick’s daughter got a ridiculous homework assignment, either. When she was learning about the letter K, this was her handout:

The bottom two answers are “Kin” and “Ken.” KEN, YOU GUYS. A kid is supposed to guess that the dude’s name is Ken. Come ON. This teacher needs to get a new workbook that isn’t so goddamn frustrating.