Take A Peek Inside The Home Of Chrissy Teigen

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chrissy teigen

Image: Instagram / @chrissyteigen

Let’s face the facts: everyone loves model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen, her musician husband, John Legend, and their two adorable children. Chrissy and John are a power couple, wealthy and successful. Better yet, by all outer appearances, they remain deeply in love even after more than five years of marriage. John is well-known for his award-winning music and has not only won more than one Grammy, but also an Oscar, an Emmy, and even a Golden Globe. Chrissy, meanwhile, has co-written two cookbooks, been a cover model, and currently hosts a TV show, and her name is on clothing, makeup, and even cookware!

The two have long had a base in New York City, although they’ve traded in their tiny apartment for a larger one after having two kids. They also have a much larger home in Beverly Hills, California, and that’s where they seem to be setting down roots for the long haul. As an Instagram personality, Chrissy’s fans get a look into her private life more often than you might expect, as she has a habit of posting candid shots of her family. But if you’re not much of a celebrity watcher, or you’ve never set digital foot on Instagram, it could be you’ve never seen any of those shots? Read on to get a glimpse into the lives and home of this funny, beautiful family.

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