Gift This: Holiday Gifts For The Dad Who Thinks He’s A Hipster

Shopping for the father of your kids around the holidays is tough, especially if your guy fancies himself a hipster. Along with finding the time to shop you want to leave him something under the tree that isn’t a tie or pack of golf balls. Since they give us the freedom to be Basic, we need to support them in all their trendy glory, even if that fedora does have some spit up on it. Here’s a list of holiday gifts for the hipster your kids call dad.

1. A Toboggan

Hipsters love quirky and environmentally-friendly modes of transportation. This sled is way cooler than a bike, plus it’s fun for the whole family. I also love that it’s a way to encourage healthy movement without the silent judgment of say, a gym membership.

2. French press coffeemaker

Sure, he’ll take a grande halfcaf soy vanilla latte with extra foam from Starbucks in a pinch, but the true hipster knows he could brew a better cup on his own. This french press gives him the tools he needs to unleash his inner barista. 

3. Witty T-Shirt

No hipster wardrobe is complete without a clever shirt or two. This one manages to be funny without making fun of anyone, well, except for the T-Rex, but he’s not exactly here to care.

4. Tattoo Care Kit

If you’re living with a hipster, odds are you’ve seen some body art in some place or another. Not all men are into skincare products, but a hipster may be willing to make an exception for this kit, which can help keep his ink looking fresh and new for a long time. 

5. Sunglasses

They’re stylish, functional, and cheap enough that you won’t be too upset when the kids inevitably break them. 

6. Twin Peaks On Blu-Ray

One of the great pastimes of the hipster set is binge watching shows. Get your guy the complete series of Twin Peaks so he can refresh his memory before the reboot on Showtime next year.

7. Beard Care Kit

Hipsters love their facial hair more than anything, except maybe their kids. Help your guy keep his looking tidy and feeling soft with these products designed especially for them.

8. Personalized Keychain

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Say what you want about hipsters, but at least they aren’t afraid of showing emotions. Sure, they may not appreciate a homemade “I heart Daddy” shirt complete with puffy paint fingerprints, but this keychain is sentimental without being over the top. You could have it engraved with your home address, the hospital where your kids were born or a favorite family vacation spot. Are there onions in here? Who’s cutting onions?

9. DIY Beer Making Kit

Before you had kids, you and your man loved sampling the newest microbrews with friends. Just because it’s harder to get out of the house now that he’s a dad doesn’t mean he has to start drinking PBR. This kit gives him a new hobby and his artisan ales-both at the same time.

10. Lullaby CD of Journey Songs

It’s a sad fact of parenthood that you can’t get to live music events often as you did before kids. But being forced to sing Ba, Ba Black Sheep every night in order to get Junior to sleep just rubs salt in that wound. This baby friendly version of classic songs will be something your man looks forward to listening to. And watching your guy sing Don’t Stop Believing to or with your kids will feel just as awesome as first row tickets to a show.

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