Gift This: Holiday Gifts For The Dad Who Thinks He’s A Hipster

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Shopping for the father of your kids around the holidays is tough, especially if your guy fancies himself a hipster. Along with finding the time to shop you want to leave him something under the tree that isn’t a tie or pack of golf balls. Since they give us the freedom to be Basic, we need to support them in all their trendy glory, even if that fedora does have some spit up on it. Here’s a list of holiday gifts for the hipster your kids call dad.

1. A Toboggan

Hipsters love quirky and environmentally-friendly modes of transportation. This sled is way cooler than a bike, plus it’s fun for the whole family. I also love that it’s a way to encourage healthy movement without the silent judgment of say, a gym membership.

2. French press coffeemaker

Sure, he’ll take a grande halfcaf soy vanilla latte with extra foam from Starbucks in a pinch, but the true hipster knows he could brew a better cup on his own. This french press gives him the tools he needs to unleash his inner barista. 

3. Witty T-Shirt

No hipster wardrobe is complete without a clever shirt or two. This one manages to be funny without making fun of anyone, well, except for the T-Rex, but he’s not exactly here to care.

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