Mommyish Gift Guide: 8 Gifts For Your Teenage Daughter That Have Nothing To Do With Her iPhone

Finding my teenage stepdaughter gifts has become a little bit of a bummer. All she ever wants is iTunes gift cards or some accessory for her iPhone or iPad. Yes, she has an iPhone and an iPad. Ugh. How did this happen? Technology is ruining gift-giving.

Is anyone else sick of giving electronics and gift cards as gifts? Maybe no one else has allowed herself to fall into this gift-giving slump. Well, this year money is tight so we can’t be willy-nilly showering kids with electronics. And I really hate giving gift cards on Christmas. I scoured the Internet to find some things I think she may actually be interested in – that don’t involve the Apple store.

1. Crosley Portable Turntable, $115



Nothing beats the sound of vinyl. Nothing. How cool would it be to actually be able to share the experience of listening to music again – as opposed to everyone shoving headphones in their ear? Get your teen interested and there are never ending gift ideas in future vinyl purchases.

2. Vintage Cosmetic Luggage Case, $40



Remember these?  Your teenage daughter probably has a mess of makeup, or art supplies or socks or whatever – and this such a cute way to store it all. Ebay is so great for gifts.

3. Retro Eyeglass Case, $19


Go to Ebay and search “retro eyeglass case.” Most of these things are just the right dimension to fit an iPod or iPhone. Okay, so this gift does potentially have something to do with her iPhone. But, how cute it this?

4. Sock Monkey Umbrella, $12.99


I want this.

5. e.l.f Nail Cube, $12


This is 15 cute mini nail polish bottles for 12 bucks. I think I want this, too. Maybe I’m actually a teenage girl.

6. Optical Illusions Book, $16


Do you remember when those weird 3-D posters were all the rage? The ones you had to stare at in the mall for 20 minutes until the image popped out at you? This is the 2013 version of that. It’s fun and it’s not a video game.

7. Fill-Your-Shoes T-Shirt, $20


“No one else could fill your shoes.” This is like a little love letter on a t-shirt.

8. Personalized Paper Doll, $35


You send in a photo and a description of how your girl likes to dress – and voila! A personalized paper doll is created. This is so cute.

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