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You Guys Are All Holiday Decorating Without Me!

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I was talking to Linsday Cross the other day, you all know Lindsay, Lindsay with the awesome family who is looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving, even though she can’t have pesto squash, and she mentioned that her mom would be stopping by to decorate her house. Which is totally my plan too, meaning that by “having a relative come over to make my house all festive” I might have to think about forcing my kids to make some drawings of their hands into Thanksgiving turkeys. I’m totally slacking this holiday.

I have never decorated my house, inside or outside, before Thanksgiving, except to hang  a fall wreath on the door after Halloween and to put out fresh flowers and candles on the table for the big day, and now I think maybe I’m just a loser jerk because I’m not more festive. Maria Guido also doesn’t decorate for the holiday, because she is busy working:

I serve the general public Thanksgiving dinner, So the answer to that would be NO. Oh, you mean decorate for xmas before thanksgiving? Haha! I’m not that organized!

But see, Maria has a good excuse for not decorating, the only excuses I have are my hysterectomy and general laziness. I love the holidays and I love Christmas lights and I love everything looking all pretty and festive, but I can never get my act together in time to do it before Thanksgiving. I’ll be lucky this year if I can reheat a store-bought pie.

Do you guys have any cute and easy ways I can make my house more festive before Thanksgiving? I think I need some of those scented pinecones to throw in a bowl. Can I technically force my teen son to go hang outdoor Christmas lights? Should I make paper chains with my kids to liven this place up?

I love holiday decorating and the holiday season but I’ve got a fuckton of mommy guilt over not doing anything thus far. I think the most ambition I’ll have is washing the tablecloth and finding my platter for the turkey. Unless I can convince Lindsay’s mom to come over to my house.

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