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The Holderness Family Is Back With Another Cringe-Inducing Music Video Including Bonus Gender Stereotypes!

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I will admit that it hurts my cheesy, family dance-party-loving heart a little bit to hate on the Holderness family but at this point, I feel like they are just TRYING to piss me off. The Christmas Jammies and the Halloween stupidity were merely annoying but now, they are back with a Thanksgiving special that is making me want to bleach my eyeballs. It would be great if this video were just some ridiculously good-looking, fun-loving family doing their thang in their McMansion dining room but it is much more than that. It would seem the Holderness parents are doing their level best to keep men in their circumscribed 1950’s role of hopeless and inept with all things domestic. As a woman with a husband who can cook better than I can, I find this laughable, infuriating and sad, all at once. Before I say much more, check out the video. And then, take a shower to get the squicky off. Take your time, I’ll wait:

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Back! Am I the only one so very sick of this tired trope of clueless, bumbling dad who can’t do anything right in the kitchen? It is so played out and so dangerous to perpetuate. I hate that they bring their daughter into it letting her laugh at her father’s ineptitude while she and Mama Holderness are able to do everything right. I know this sounds dramatic but if she is being brought up to believe this to be the case, that men do not know their way around cooking or household chores, what will she expect in a mate one day? From my own experience, I saw my father scrub the bathrooms every Saturday morning for the entire 22 years I lived at home. My mom would not allow it to go any other way. So now, I have a spouse who splits housework with me because I was raised to believe my husband is every bit as capable of cleaning a bathroom as I am. Conversely, I have friends with husbands that quite literally do not know how to turn on the washing machine. Raising a child to believe that being a penis-haver means you cannot cook anything beyond a Pop-Tart is not cool at all. It stopped being funny about 20 years ago- get with the times, Holderness family.

All of that aside, come on. This video is so obnoxious. I don’t find them funny. I have no idea why people like them. Maybe I have bad taste. Maybe I am a humorless bitch hating on an innocent family (just the parents…the kids are adorable and it’s not their fault) for no reason. Or maybe I just dislike the “dumb daddy” notion so much that I refuse to give them credit for any of the cute bits. Anyway, I have to go set the stage for my mom rendition of Gangsta’s Paradise. Stay tuned.

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