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Hell Hath Frozen Over, There’s A Holderness Video We Like

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holderness-family-videoBy now we all know the Holderness Family. It’s almost impossible to avoid their viral parenting videos in the mom-blogosphere. Let’s be real, viral parenting videos are kryptonite for those of us who can’t relate to the upper middle-class complaints of those who make them. A reader once commented on an article we wrote about the family, that their videos are like “a commercial for white people.”

Guess what? They made one that is hilarious. The Holderness Family may just endear themselves to you with their latest venture, a video of them reading a group of particularly scathing comments to the tune of Rent’s 525,600 Minutes.


The worst f**king people in the history of humanity.

I feel like someone is walking on my grave.

This video is why all the terrorists hate us.

It’s whiter than an albino polar bear snowstorm. The amount of whiteness left me totally blind.

The comments are golden, but the best part of the song might be their lyric, “the most consistent and constructive criticism, is that we need to stop being so totally white.” I admit, there was a chasm between the Holderness Family and I: it’s filled with empty Starbucks cups, Pottery Barn furniture, and Land of Nod catalogues. But I kind of want to have a beer with the couple after seeing this video. And that’s impressive, considering our site produced this commentary:

Your parodies play up boring, dopey tropes that make you look lazy. Dad loves to fart! Dad can’t cook! Mom’s hands are on her hips again! I suspect you’re smarter than this, and yet you’re churning out videos full of jokes that would make Adam Sandler groan. You guys seem smart, likable, savvy, and funny – and yet your videos play up lowest common denominator jokes that dumb you down.


The family makes viral parenting videos for a living. I guess it’s time to concede that they are damn good at it. Can you imagine how hard it was to pick out lines in a sea of negative comments that actually rhyme?

You win this time, Holderni.