The Sadists Behind The Duggars’ Success Are Bringing The Holderness Family Into Your Living Room

Holderness-Family-Baste-VideoThe Holderness Family, that too-adorable group of perfects who can’t stop singing about their goddamn Christmas jammies, will start shooting their own reality show in January. This should not be surprising news because 1. This is America and 2. Have you seen their videos? Penn Holderness is made for reality TV overshares. The guy told the world about his vasectomy in his Christmas card video. He’s got this.

That being said, the Holderness parents claim they aren’t interested in Kardashian-ing it up. They’re producing the show with the company who does 19 Kids And Counting. Yes, you heard that right – they’re working with the people who make THE DUGGAR SHOW. Guys, could this be more perfect? I am floating on a reality TV cloud right now. Penn told the News Observer: 

They’re still working out the details, but the network we’re signing with will focus on watching our company at work, how we go about making the videos. They are interested in uplifting, positive entertainment. We aren’t going to be the Kardashians.


I will say that they seem to have their heads and hearts in the right place when it comes to their adorable kids and their involvement so far.

We spoke to our pastor about it, and to the educators at our kids’ schools. Their answer was that we are giving them a unique experience, and they are at the ages when experiences are how they learn. We do some other things to mitigate the effect on them.


(For instance), when we make the videos, we treat them like George Clooney. The lighting is done, everything is ready when they come in, and they can participate or not. They have that control over what they do. Lola has really embraced parts of it, even the production side. She has filmed some of the clips, and there’s emotions she can conjure up if we need her to, like acting annoyed, and she thinks that’s fun.

But reality shows are on a different level than 2 minute videos about basting turkeys. Maybe the kids will be kept out of the spotlight a bit when the cameras start rolling? The show is airing on something called UpTV, which is short for “uplifting.” Still, while I do think it’s great getting to see a work-from-home mom thrown down like a boss queen, I’ve still never seen a reality show end positively. Even the ones with great intentions most often turn into train wrecks. Regardless, they had me at “production company that did The Duggers’ show.” If it’s Jinger-related, I’m INTO it.

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