Hockey Dad Tells Truth About Charity Shot, Risks $50,000 Prize

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So Pat Smith took his sons Nate Smith and Nick Smith to a charity hockey game where you could buy raffle tickets for a chance to hit a near-impossible goal. The tickets were $10 each and the prize? $50,000. And, well, one of the sons did just that. He sent the shot right into the tiny hole carved out in front of a goal. But what happened next is intriguing.

Turns out that the family had agreed that Nick should take the shot if one of the Smith family tickets was pulled. So they wrote his name on all three tickets. But when that raffle ticket was called, Nick was awol. So his brother Nate took the shot in his stead. And nailed it. Nearly 90 feet away and the 3-inch puck went right into the 3.5-inch hole.

The crowd flipped out with excitement.

It would have been pretty easy to take the $50,000 and run but the father said he just didn’t feel right about it. So the next day he told the event organizers about the switch-a-roo.

NPR reports:

As for the prize money, it’s not yet certain what’ll happen. The insurance company that underwrote the event, Odds on Promotions, hasn’t said whether it will pay the Smiths.

“It’s not necessarily not going to go through,” game organizer Vance Vinar Jr. told KEYC. “But they will investigate, and then get back to us and let us know what happens.”

Pat Smith has told reporters that if the $50,000 prize comes to his family, they’ll give some to charity and save the rest for the boys’ college funds.

Either way, I’m glad the father told the truth about the shot and set such a great example for his children. You can see the shot here: