Can We Please Stop With The Hipster Disney Princesses?

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Hipster PrincessI know,  I know. For anyone who feels like their work needs a little publicity, it’s just so easy to incorporate classic Disney characters and just watch the pageviews roll in. Re-imagining, re-designing, and re-casting the Disney princesses has become an industry in and of itself. We’ve already seen zombie princesses, tattooed princesses, cover model princesses and more. But the most enduring Disney princess adaptation has to be Hipster princess.

We’ve all seen the artwork that was passed around the internet last year. There’s been multiple Hipster princess memes. We get it! It’s funny to see princesses constantly talking about irony with smug looks on their faces. It’s funny because for all their shortcomings, Disney princesses are unfailingly kind and polite. And “hipsters” get on everyone’s nerves. (Although the word has been thrown around so much, no one really knows what a hipster is anymore. Except ya know, it’s someone we don’t like.)

I think that’s why I was so annoyed to see the latest Disney brand exploitation for attention, which features our favorite four princesses singing about being hipsters. I realize a lot of work went into this. The production quality is nice. They wrote their own song. This shit has just been done my friends! It has been done to death.

So let’s have this last Hipster Disney princess work be the last. Let’s all agree that this isn’t cool or funny or worth talking about anymore. Here it is, your final look. I won’t judge you if you watch it more than once.

[youtube_iframe id=”1yPfmRoSfpA”]