Hip Mama Cover Banned Because Breasts Being Used For Breastfeeding Are Just So Scandalous

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Hip Mama Cover BannedI absolutely adore Ariel Gore, the publisher of Hip Mama magazine, and her books helped me through my pregnancies and she was the first parenting writer I ever really related to. Hip Mama is awesome and the latest issue hits newsstands next month, but not with the cover image Ariel wanted for it, because newsstands refuse to carry it due to the fact it features Barcelona-based artist Ana Alvarez-Errecalde breastfeeding her four-year-old son. Because breasts and using them to feed children is basically the most scandalous thing ever, Facebook banned the image too. The latest issue is all about motherhood and creativity, and Ariel spoke to The Stir about the cover image getting the ban hammer: 

It’s an amazing issue on motherhood and creativity and I just wanted people to know about it. Of course I think the cover photo is gorgeous, too, so I wanted to show that off. It honestly didn’t occur to me that it would be a problem for anyone,” she explained. “I know what Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus look like naked — and I know they’re adult women with every right to represent themselves as they please — but I think of them as children and it bugs me a little to see them naked, but I mind my own business. It doesn’t bug me at all to see another mother breastfeeding her child in a self-directed image that isn’t exploiting anyone. It didn’t occur to me that anyone would raise an eyebrow. I figured that if anyone didn’t like breasts, they would, as I do when I see images I don’t care for, mind their own business.”

Now the new cover has a nice little censor sticker over the breastfeeding image so all of the pearl-clutchers can not be so scandalized by it. I love the image of Ana and I think it’s gorgeous. The whole idea of people getting so outraged over breastfeeding is just so absurd to me, especially considering the fact we see boobs all day everyday  – usually not used for breastfeeding, but for selling bras and just doing their sexy breast work which is being sexy. Not only are breasts sexy,  they also serve a a purpose – but as soon as we see them serving this purpose they are suddenly deemed obscene. This whole thing is just totally eye-rolly but I am super stoked to read the latest issue of Hip Mama. I think Ariel should sell uncensored prints of the cover because it’s a gorgeous picture of a mom using her breasts to do what breasts were created to do. Which is just not sit around and collect cracker crumbs and be used for sexy times.

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