Hilary Duff’s Pregnancy Signals The End Of Her Tween Career

Hilary Duff, 23, may have made an earlier statement that she and her 30-year-old husband Mike Comrie were waiting to have babies, but the former Lizzie McGuire star has announced on her website that she is expecting. She and her husband have been married a year, and as if that wasn’t enough to convince fans that she’s all grown up, she has penned a a young adult novel in recent years as well as acting as producer for several films.

Yet, despite Hilary’s many professional efforts to move away from a Disney child star, nothing affirms adulthood –atleast culturally and to the mainstream press — like pregnancy. Hilary’s decision to become a young mother positions her as an adult in a industry that has always regarded her as a child. And where marriages between young celebrities quickly dissolve and acting abilities cultivate scorn, a baby forever ends the notion that she is one too.

The impact this baby could have on the young starlet’s career could be positive too, perhaps garnering her more adult roles and reminding others that she’s left the tween market in the biggest way possible.

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