Hilary Duff Is Really Jazzed About Being Back In Her Skinny Jeans Post-Baby

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Mother of one, Hilary Duff, has taken quite a bit of flack for not looking like a freshly airbrushed Victoria Beckham following the birth of her son, Luca. In response, the actress has been pretty vocal about being in no hurry to get all bean pole on us. But just eight months later, Duff is back in those skinny jeans and she really, really wants you to know about it.

The 25-year-old was seemingly so proud of her weight loss that she tweeted those size 26s for all the world to see:

I’m sure Rag & Bone appreciates the postpartum plug as well, Hilary. Along with her weight loss trophy, the actress tweeted:

Yaaaa bitches! @gabejohns your kickin my ass and its paying off! Skinny jeans! LETS GO!

Here, Duff cites her trainer — definitely a privileged baby weight losing asset — Gabe Johns. Gabe reporting had the new mother doing everything from boxing to sprinting to jump roping. Not to mention twice a day work outs. That’s right — as in hitting the gym two times in one actual day after you’ve had a newborn. Sounds like a very, very active  — and expensive — way to spend those postpartum months. Way to wave that trophy high and proud.

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