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Hilariously Awkward Video Shows Kids Telling Their Parents How They Lost Their Virginity

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As progressive as many of us can be, it can still be tough to broach the subject of sex with our families. Personally, I’ve never spoken about sex with my parents. Growing up, we never had “the talk”. It was all left to my school’s sex ed classes, talks with friends, and of course, TV. As a parent now, I hope to eventually have open discussions with my kid about sex. But will he want to chat about it with me? What might that be like? Well, one viral video is showing kids telling their parents how they lost their virginity—and the results are hilarious.

The video was produced by Cut, a digital media company that creates viral videos. In it, we see a number of families coming together to discuss the gritty details of losing your virginity. From the moment it begins, we already know it’s going to be uncomfortable as hell, with all of the (now adult) kids divulging that they’ve barely ever spoken about sex with their parents before.

One mom divulges how she found out about her daughter losing her virginity: “I knew exactly. I went to the dirty clothes and I search for your underwear and you had the drops of blood and I said, like, ‘She did it!'”

Giphy / Reddit

Image: Giphy / Reddit

A son speaking with his dad has a ridiculously funny back and forth about the “cowgirl” position (yeah, his dad still has no idea what he’s talking about—though he later asks his son if he sucked any toes).

Another mother grills her son about how much foreplay was involved, and asking him if he performed oral sex. He cringes as he begrudgingly admits that he did.

“You did? Aww!” she says, sounding proud. (We hear that, mama! I’d be proud, too.)

Giphy / Riffsy

Image: Giphy / Riffsy

And it gets even more awkward and ridiculous the further you watch the video, although there are also some pretty emotional moments as well. See it here for yourself:

[youtube_iframe id=”Xp7eHLH4J-0″]
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(Image: YouTube / WatchCut)