Church Jokes: 12 Hilariously Dirty Church Billboards That Proves God Has A Sense Of Humor

Jesus Freak: I am a Christian mom who was raised in a fundamental Christian home. I have questioned my beliefs and have come to love myself and God on my own terms. I’m raising my kids the same way. So, let’s go through some Church Jokes that will amaze you for sure.

If you’ve ever been to church, then you’ve probably gotten the church giggles. I would say that the majority of my formative years were spent in the pews of a church looking up ”dirty” Bible verses when I was bored, showing my sister, and attempting to laugh silently without drawing attention. I was, and still am, very mature for my age.

Before you think I am poking fun at God, let me clarify that I am. I know God quite well, and I know that He has an excellent sense of humor. Below, you will find the best of the best irreverent church billboards that obviously never made it past the proofreader. Or maybe some of the church members who wrote the billboards were so squeaky clean that they didn’t think twice about using ”come” in the wrong context. I won’t hold that against them. But I will continue to laugh my ass off at these hilariously irreverent billboards that I would pay to see in real life.

Church jokes often serve as a light-hearted means to navigate the complexities of faith, allowing us to find humor in unexpected places. One avenue where this is particularly evident is in the realm of church billboards. These public displays often showcase witty, amusing messages that catch the eye and linger in the memory, proving that a sense of humor can be a divine quality.

One might expect church billboards to be staid and serious, but a surprising number of them use humor to intrigue passersby. While these bold displays contain humor that might be categorized as “dirty” by some, they are never disrespectful or irreverent. Instead, they use humor to create a connection with a broader audience, inviting them to engage in a conversation about faith in a lighthearted manner.

Through these hilariously dirty church jokes displayed on billboards, we see a unique approach to spreading the gospel and inviting others to contemplate spirituality. They prove that God, indeed, has a sense of humor, and that laughter can be a tool for fostering unity and community within the church. As the saying goes, “A day without laughter is a day wasted,” and these church billboards certainly make sure that no one wastes a single moment. These jokes serve as a reminder to not take ourselves too seriously and to find joy in the journey of faith.

Of course, church jokes extend beyond billboards and can be found in sermons, skits, and even in the pews. Often, these jokes use familiar biblical stories or references to poke fun at our human tendencies and flaws. They serve as a reminder that even in moments of seriousness, it’s important to maintain a light heart and find joy in the journey.

But let us not forget that humor is not just reserved for those within the church walls. In fact, some of the funniest church jokes are those shared by non-believers, poking fun at the quirks and idiosyncrasies of different religious groups. These jokes serve as a reminder to not take ourselves too seriously and to embrace our differences with open arms and a good laugh.

Remember, God has a great sense of humor. He can take a joke. Here are 12 of the best dirty church billboards across America:

1. Can’t Blame Jesus For Trying.


2. I’m Going To Take The High Road On This One.

3. Somebody Hold Me.

4. Proofreading Is Your Friend.

church jokes

5. These Dirty Jokes Just Keep On ”Coming.”

Church Jokes

6. Sounds Like A Delightful Bedtime Story.

7. A Warm Wish For Mother’s Day Sunday.

8. And Now I’ve Got The Church Giggles Again.

9. I’m Going To Assume These Two Headers Aren’t Related.

10. Aw, Thanks, God!

11. You May Want To Put This Ad On Craigslist, Pastor Myers.

12. And The Grand Prize Winner”¦ Heaven Just Got Real.

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