High Schooler’s Fake Bomb-Themed ‘Promposal’ Is A Total Dud‏

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This weekend, a high school student will be missing his prom as he is serving a suspension for doing something incredibly stupid. Normally, I would feel terrible to hear of a kid missing out on something as big as prom but this time, his punishment is entirely deserved. He decided it might be funny to do a fake bomb-themed “promposal” and I’m not sure what world he’s living in these days where he thought anything bomb-related would go over well with school administrators.

18-year old La Center High School senior Ibrahim Ahmad crafted a fake bomb and wrote out his promposal on a poster board to take a photo for his intended in the middle of the cafeteria at lunch. Good Lord. Obviously, others did not find it as funny as he did. From Q13 Fox:

Ahmad strapped a paintball vest to his waist and filled the open pockets with red paper tubes attached to red wires, so that it looked like explosives. Then he stood up in the cafeteria holding a sign that read: “I kno it’s A little Late, But I’m kinda…THE BOMB! Rilea, Will U Be My Date To Prom?”

I’m sorry, but is he serious? Did it really never occur to him that this could cause a problem? Imagine if the school ignored it or didn’t punish him and then something did happen. They would never hear the end of it. They suspended him for five days, which includes not being allowed to attend tomorrow night’s senior prom. Too bad, so sad. This should be a valuable lesson for him that he needs to be cautious when joking about explosives in a school. The statement from the administrator sounds perfectly reasonable to me:

School Superintendent Mark Mansell told The Columbian that students didn’t appear alarmed but, “I want all my kids to feel safe and supported” and felt he didn’t to punish the student for strapping a fake bomb to his waist at school.

“I’m Middle Eastern, and I thought the bomb was kind of funny and clever,” Ahmad told The Columbian. “I wasn’t wearing the vest for more than, like, 20 seconds. I asked her, took a picture, took it off, and then the school got upset.”

At the end of the day, the school had to do exactly as Mansell states — make all of the kids feel safe. If one kid has to miss the prom for his own incredibly ill-advised actions, that’s ok by me if it makes the rest of the students feel secure. Also, I’d like to think that his ethnicity was not the factor in deciding to suspend him. I’m sure any student making bomb jokes and strapping fake explosives to themselves would have received the same punishment. I’m positive he had no ill intent and really did find this funny but the fact is, we are not a society that can take jokes about bombs. He needs to understand that and it looks like he has learned his lesson.

(Image: Q13 Fox)