High School Girl Brings Honor to Us All With the Best ID Photo of the Year

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Let’s get down to business, because Aloha High School senior June Kyra Dela Chica just won 2016, school photos, and cosplay all at once with the best student ID photo of the year. 

Lots of people want to look like Disney Princesses, but Dela Chica just decided to throw the “natural look” to the wind and took her ID photo dressed as the Matchmaker from Mulan, blue eyeshadow and ink beard and all. And she absolutely slayed it.

It is the start of a good year, because this photo has already been retweeted more than 100,000 times.

Dela Chica told Buzzfeed that she had to do a bit of talking to get the photographers to take the photo. One of the photographers thought it was funny and was cool about it, but the other she said was a bit grumpy and asked if the school admins were OK with her taking her photo like that.

“I replied with ‘The admins said if I’m okay with showing my face like this to hundreds of people then go on ahead. And if it’s really THAT bad I can always retake it.’ She shrugged and replied with a simple okay.”

It’s not bad, though. It’s wonderful. Dela Chica has brought honor to her family, the Internet, and to her cow.

I can’t wait to see what she does for her yearbook photo.