Hey Real Housewives, What’s A ‘Ladysitter’ And How Do We Get One?

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Yesterday I was watching The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills at the suggestion of our editorial director. Apparently Kyle, the dark-haired one with all the kids, had something called a “ladysitter.” Curious as to what exactly constitutes a “ladysitter,” I tuned in.

A lovely young man named Justin was helping Kyle organize for her charity event. They chatted about everything from decorations to RSVPs while Justin sat glued to a computer screen looking over other details for the event. Seems to me, the simple viewer, that Justin is an assistant or perhaps a party planner, but leave it to the Real Housewives to provide new names for their help.

As silly as the term may sound, I can’t help but shake the demeaning suggestion behind having a “ladysitter” — as if a grown woman with a ton of money and big house needs looking after. Of course, knowing the ridiculous antics that happen on this show I wouldn’t be surprised. Still, having an able-bodied dude around the house to help plan parties, cook dinners, assist with childcare, bring in the groceries, and maybe catch a movie with doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Especially considering some husbands take issues with gender roles being inverted.

Never fear, mommies. I have reached out to Bravo and Andy Cohen about this urgent matter. I’ll keep you posted with what I learn.

Unfortunately, Andy Cohen never hit us back about the definition of ‘ladysitter,’ but THE ladysitter in question, Justin Sylveseter tweeted about it, calling the job “An assistant with attitude! Someone who is just as fabulous, fun and sophisticated as the person he works for!” The ladysitter also appeared on Beverly Hills Nannies in 2012.

According to the UrbanDictionary definition, though, a ‘ladysitter’ is someone who keeps one’s girlfriend occupied while her man is busy. While not necessarily sexual, we’ve got to wonder… Especially because since the invention of Netflix and vibrators, why would you really need someone to hang out with you while your S/O is busy? Some think a ‘ladysitter’ is basically a GBF that your boyfriend chooses to do things with his GF that he doesn’t want to… but that’s just a little too sexist. A girl should always be able to pick her gay best friend. That’s that on that!