Hey Nicolas Sarkozy, Thanks For The 30-Minute Visit. Love, Your Wife And Child

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I never cared much for Carla Bruni until last month, when she blabbed that she was dying to get this baby out of her already so that she could have a drink and a smoke. I like a woman who tells it like it is! Well, baby Giulia has finally emerged and so Bruni is free to whoop it up like in the good old days. Only she should plan on doing so alone since her husband, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, certainly isn’t around.

Look, the man is President of a country. I get it, I get it. He has meetings to attend and crises to solve. But with all of this Bruni-Sarkozy baby coverage, one thing that has stood out at me like sore thumb is the fact that Sarkozy has seen his wife and new baby girl for no more than 60 minutes total over the past 24 hours.

There are mixed reports as to whether or not 56-year-old Sarkozy made it to the maternity clinic in time to watch his daughter being born (and as a colleague pointed out, there’s a radically different culture in France, where men aren’t necessarily expected to show up in the delivery room the way they are – for the most part – in North America). Regardless, Europe 1 radio reported that Bruni, 43, gave birth on Wednesday at around 8 p.m. local time after being admitted earlier in the day. President Sarkozy returned from a brief trip to Frankfurt that same evening and visited the clinic, though what time exactly is unclear.

What is clear, according to various reports, is that he hopped on a plane to Frankfurt for eurozone crisis talks – a daily event – while his wife was already in labor. And when he showed up at the clinic on Wednesday night to meet his child for the very first time, he stayed for a “brief” visit, returning on Thursday morning for an additional 30 minutes. LAME.

The truth is, Bruni must’ve known when she married Sarkozy – and certainly once she got pregnant with his child – that he has a demanding schedule. It comes with the territory. And for all we know, she is 100% fine with the setup and doesn’t miss him one bit post-childbirth. But if she’s like most real-life moms, she could use the support.

As much as people think her life must be so fabulous with all of that money and access to whatever she needs (unlike true single moms), it all boils down to Bruni having a partner who’s never around – plain and simple. That’s not so much a judgement on Sarkozy (at least I’m trying really hard not to judge him) as much as a fact. And I can’t help but feel sorry for Bruni as a result.