‘Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Silverstoned My Kids’ Is Funny Stuff

jimmy kimmelPre-chewing food for your children is pretty nasty, but leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to make it absolutely hilarious. Like countless others, Kimmel was intrigued (read: grossed out) by Alicia Silverstone‘s rather unconventional method of feeding her son Bear. A video of Silverstone’s feeding tactic went viral last week and, needless to say, people were floored. In it, she literally “baby bird” feeds her son, meaning she chews up the food in her own mouth and then spits it directly into her child’s. (Gag all you want, but some of our very own Mommyish readers are all about it!)

Kimmel jumped all over it and invited viewers to submit videos of their own kids’ responses to pre-chewed meals. (He also turned ‘Silverstone’ into a verb I ‘Silverstoned’ my kids which is golden.) Anyway, Kimmel turned the best of the bunch into a five-minute video and man, is it ever funny! Gross, but funny. You have to watch it for yourself to see what I mean (check it out below). Let’s just say the kids featured here are even more grossed out than we parents, and it’s hilarious to watch their reactions (including one girl who is totally speechless, and a little boy who excuses himself from the table, likely to throw up).

Of course, the children featured in the video are mostly toddlers and school-aged kids, whereas “premastication” (as the technique is called) is really meant for little ones. Still, this is funny stuff. It’s up there with Kimmel’s previous pranks, including filming kids’ reactions to crappy Christmas presents and another that has parents telling kids they ate all their Halloween candy. They’re all kind of mean but hey, it’s not your kid up there, so don’t be afraid to laugh (at least a little). I promise, they will not be scarred for life.

(Photo: Dominic Chan/ WENN.com)

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