‘Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Gave My Kids A Terrible Present’ Video Is Mean  And Hilarious

Oh, that Jimmy Kimmel. He’s such a shit-disturber. The late-night TV host asked parents to let their children open one present two weeks before Christmas and submit their reactions to him via YouTube. The catch? The present had to be crap. We’re talking rotten bananas and half-eaten sandwiches (no Barbies/Lego/iPads in sight).

Kimmel pulled a similar move last month when he had parents telling their children they ate all their Halloween candy. The kids flipped out, broke down in tears. It was actually pretty hilarious to watch parents prank their kids like that, however cruel. (I’m sorry, but it was!)

This holiday prank is also mean can’t say I’d do this to my own kids but still purely entertaining to watch. Like the sweet little girl who gets a rotten banana and then proceeds to eat it. Or the boy who get some ponies, which he claims are for girls. “I thought very hard about what to get you, “says Mom. “Well, you didn’t a very good job,” says the kid. Ha ha.

Oh, there’s also a brother-sister pair who are gifted with a carton of eggs each. They’re not impressed, but the girls goes ahead and starts cracking ’em right then and there. (The parents totally deserve it.) The best, however, is the boy at the end who’s angry over receiving an invisible dog fence. “Jimmy Kimmel told me to do it,” says Mom.

His reply? “Tell him to suck my balls!”

The pranks themselves are funny. What’s disturbing is that parents are recording their kids’ reactions and posting them on YouTube for all the world to see. One day these children will grow into teenagers and  view this footage. And, trust me, they will hate their parents 100 times more than they did upon opening those crappy presents.

[youtube_iframe id=”q4a9CKgLprQ”]

(Photo/Video: YouTube.com)

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