Hero Teacher’s Aide and Her ‘Gut Instinct’ Rescued a Student From Kidnapping

Child portraitCalifornia teacher’s aide Sandra Ferguson is a big damn hero this week, because she single-handedly rescued a little girl from a kidnapping attempt.

According to ABC News, Ferguson was on her way to work at Sutter Elementary School in Antioch, California, last Friday, when she saw one of the students in her class sitting in a car with a man that Ferguson did not recognize. Ferguson said the 11-year-old girl looked uneasy, and her “gut instinct” told her that something was very wrong.

“It didn’t feel right,” said Ferguson. “And, you know, I went to check things out.”

Ferguson asked the girl if the man in the car was her father, and the girl said he was not, though the New York Daily News says the girl said the man was “a friend.” Ferguson says she knew something was wrong right away and that man was not the girl’s friend, so she told the girl to get out of the car, and managed to block the suspect’s car in with her own so he could not leave. With the girl out of the car and the suspect penned in by Ferguson’s vehicle, Ferguson then called the police.

Police say the suspect is a 51-year-old man with no connection to the little girl. He had allegedly been following the 11-year-old girl to school and had managed to lure her near the car, at which point he allegedly grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into the vehicle.

It’s a gut-wrenching story, especially when one considers all the horrible things that might have happened had Ferguson not noticed the girl, or just thought the student was taking a ride with a known adult.

The girl was rescued and reportedly unhurt, and Ferguson deserves a medal for her quick thinking.

(Photo:  Yuryimaging/iStockPhoto/Getty Images)

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