Hero Dog Selflessly Runs to Protect Newborn Baby from Hairdryer Noise


Dogs are too good for this world. Even this tiny, fluffy, little white poodle thing is so noble and pure that he is willing to throw his own safety to the wind and rush to protect a newborn baby from the most terrible of all things–a hairdryer.

According to World News Update over on You Tube, new mom and professional dog groomer Alyssa Bitante’s fluffy little poodle is afraid of the hairdryer noise. Most dogs are. Hairdryer noise is up there with vacuum cleaners and doorbells on the list of things dogs have nightmares about. But when she turns the hairdryer on, instead of barking and running from the room in self-interest, the poodle looks panicked for a moment, then runs and throws himself over the newborn baby lying on the floor a few feet away.

It’s really sweet. The baby totally doesn’t mind the hairdryer noise, and seems to like the puppy’s attention. But the fact that the dog rushes over to protect the baby makes me want to rescue 10,000 cute dogs.

The baby’s mother says her dog normally isn’t afraid of the hairdryer noise. She’s a dog groomer, and the dog has heard the sound of a hairdryer regularly throughout his life. But when she brought home the baby, the poodle instantly went into protective parent mode and now whenever he hears the hairdryer he runs to throw himself over the baby to make sure she isn’t scared.

That’s one lucky little baby. She and that dog are going to be best friends when she grows up.

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