Hero Cupcake Maker Foils Kidnapping And Proves Amber Alerts Work

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leslie-fiet-minis-cupcakes-heroIt’s important to pay attention to Amber Alerts, because they work, they can save lives, and they can turn ordinary citizens into big damn heroes like Leslie Fiet, a Salt Lake City baker who rescued a kidnapped child with her bare hands last week.

According to KSL News, Fiet, who owns Mini’s Cupcakes in Salt Lake City, was at work in her cupcake shop Wednesday afternoon when she received an Amber alert on her cellphone indicating that a three-year-old girl had been kidnapped in a black SUV. The description of the car matched a black SUV Fiet had seen parked near her bakery, so she went out to investigate and found three-year-old Bella Martinez crying in the back seat.

As soon as she saw the girl, Fiet just reached right through the window of the SUV and lifted the child right through the window, then darted back to the bakery to call the police.

“I just saw this little girl crying, and so my first thought was I had to get her out of there and get her in the store where it was safe,” said Fiet, who has children herself and was reportedly in tears as she described the experience. “I just reached in through the window and took her out of her car seat and ran into the store and locked the door and called 911.”

Bella had been missing for two hours by the time Fiet found her. She was allegedly abducted earlier that afternoon when a woman stole the SUV she was sitting in. Bella’s father had reportedly left Bella in the SUV for a few minutes while he stopped at a convenience store. Police have a suspect in custody who they say is a homeless woman who probably did not know Bella was in the car when she stole it.

This was a harrowing experience for Bella and her parents. I can’t even begin to imagine how scared they must have been. But it all ended happily, thanks to Fiet and the Amber Alert, and Salt Lake City citizens have been showing their support in the most delicious way possible: by buying tons of cupcakes. People seem to like their cupcakes mixed with heroism, and according to The Daily Meal, Fiet’s store has been filled with customers, and she had to keep it open two hours longer than usual Thursday just to meet the demand.

Photo: Facebook/Mini’s Cupcakes