Hero Boy Catches Baby Brother Falling Off the Changing Table

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Doctors and midwives and grandmas are always telling us never to look away from a baby on a changing table, not even for a second, because a baby can fall in no time at all. One Florida mother learned that the hard way recently, but thankfully nobody was hurt because her 9-year-old son dove in with superhero-like reflexes and saved the day when his baby brother rolled of the changing table.

Falling off a changing table is extremely dangerous. Babies can be seriously injured or even killed by falling off something that high, and that can genuinely happen in just a moment.

Video from the room shows Florida mom Tila Levi put her 11-month-old baby on the table to change his diaper. She was standing right next to him, but she was home alone with five small kids, and one of the other kids did something that took her attention. Levi was still standing right next to the changing table, but she turned away for a moment to look at the other kid, and in that instant the baby swung his leg up and over, and rolled right off the edge of the changing table.

It could have ended terribly, but Levi’s nine-year-old son, Joseph, swooped across the room and caught the baby before he hit the ground. According to Today, the baby weighs 30 pounds and Joseph can’t normally carry him, but as soon as he saw what was happening, he basically turned into The Flash.

“I would have never caught him. I can’t run that fast, so I felt like something just came and pushed me forward and, when it happened, I just ran and caught him,” Joseph said to reporters from 7 News Miami. “I would never be able to do that again because I can’t carry my brother.”

Levi said at first she wasn’t going to share the video, because she messed up in turning away from the baby. But she changed her mind in the hopes that the video can serve as a reminder that something like this can happen in an instant.