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Here’s How the New Healthcare Bill Will Directly Affect Moms

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By now, you may have read the laughably long (partial) list of “pre-existing conditions” that will cause your insurance costs to skyrocket under the new American Healthcare Act. I say laughably because as you try and get through the entire list, which includes things like “tooth disease” and “acne,” you basically have to force yourself to laugh so as not to cry. Seriously, if you haven’t read this list yet, please do so here. Now then, I’d like to also go ahead and let you know how the new healthcare bill will directly affect moms as well, because guess what? It’s really not good.

Pregnancy and C-Sections

For example, pregnancy will now be listed as a pre-existing condition. That means you coverage will go up if you’re pregnant upon signing up. And if you’re experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, there’s a good chance your coverage will skyrocket. C-sections (which are often utilized in high-risk cases) could also become pre-existing conditions again as they once were. So unless you have a vaginal birth, your insurance may also goes up (this is due to the potential for other health issues related to the c-section).

Giphy / Tumblr

Giphy / Tumblr

Mental Health Issues

Depression is clearly listed as a pre-existing condition, which would include prepartum and postpartum depression. This puts both mothers and families in danger. Many moms are already fearful of coming forward with their pre and postpartum depression symptoms. We also often hear about moms who end up hurting their babies and/or themselves as a result of PPD. Now we’re saying that the very little affordable care that is available to these mothers would now be unattainable for many. Oh, and if you’re a mom with anxiety, or bipolar disorder, OCD, or other mental health conditions on the list, you’re doubly screwed. Thanks, AHCA!

GIphy / Tumblr

GIphy / Tumblr

And hey, if you’re a mom with diabetes, obesity, lupus, thyroid issues, or any other of way too many ailments to list, your care will also be compromised. Additionally, if you’ve had a hysterectomy, that’s also going to cause your premiums to rise.

And What About NICU Babies?

I haven’t even gotten to the babies yet. Rest assure, if your child is born sick in any way at all (if they sleep apnea, or need an organ transplant, have Down Syndrome, or face any number of unspecified disabilities—which can often be the case for premies and other babies who spend time in the NICU), their insurance will also go up. Except they don’t pay for it, you do. But will you be able to afford it? NICU stays alone cost a small fortune already. What happens to these sick babies if we can’t afford to protect them? Maybe the GOP need to re-watch Jimmy Kimmel’s recent plea to make sure babies are protected no matter what their family’s finances may be.

Once upon a time, insurance companies could basically decide not to cover you at all if you had what is known as a “pre-existing condition.” Then, Obamacare came along and did away with all that. But the GOP doesn’t appear to think that’s all that great. And this new healthcare bill will undoubtedly cause your premiums to skyrocket when you’ve got a pre-existing condition, which will either force you into crippling debt or force you to simply drop out of your insurance plan. Not a big deal if you’re part of the 1%, but what about the rest of us?

Giphy / The Grinder

Giphy / The Grinder

If you’re a mom (or have a mom, or know a mom), consider calling your senators ASAP and let them know why the new healthcare bill needs to be stopped. Because frankly, no one else is going to do it for us.

(Image: Unsplash / Arteida Mjeshtri)