Here, Honey, Take My Womb, Mom Tells Daughter

Moms will do anything for their children.

Earlier this year, 61-year-old Chicago woman Kristine Casey gave birth to her own grandson after her daughter, Sara Connell, was unable to have children of her own. And now, a British-based woman is preparing to have her womb transplanted into her Stockholm-based daughter so that the younger woman can carry a child.

Eva Ottosson, 56, is hoping to donate her uterus to her 25-year-old daughter, Sara, who was born without reproductive organs. Both women have agreed to take part in this groundbreaking medical procedure. If it gets the green light both mother and daughter have undergone all necessary tests the transplant operation could take place in Sweden as early as next spring. (A womb transplant took place in Saudi Arabia back in 2000, but the womb had to be removed shortly after because of complications.)

If the procedure works, Sara will have her own eggs fertilized using her boyfriend’s sperm and then implanted into the womb, according to The Daily Telegraph. It means that she could become pregnant and carry a child in the same womb from which she herself was born (try wrapping your head around that!).

It’s all rather trippy but also utterly touching. It’s just another example, albeit an extreme one, of a mother’s love for her child and the lengths most moms will go through to help out any which way they can.

(Photo: Jupiterimages)


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