I’m So Bad At Math I Can’t Even Help My Kids With Their Homework

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Help with math homeworkEvery day when my kids get off the bus I cross my fingers that they don’t have any math homework. I dread their math homework more than just about anything, and on days when they have to do math I try and do everything in my power to make sure that their dad is the one who helps them, which is difficult considering he works late most nights. I’ve gotten to the point where I am considering hiring a math tutor, for me. I can fully appreciate math. I think it’s amazingly important that kids understand math. But how can I be a good math role model when anything beyond basic multiplication and division has me scrambling for a calculator or a website that will help me understand the concepts so I can explain it to them?


I don’t complete my kids homework for them, as some parents are prone to do, cough, cough. I sit with them and help them, but I am usually doing my own work while they work. I can check answers and read over things and offer help, but I make them do the work. And I can tackle almost any subject, except advanced math. My high school kid is taking calculus and don’t even bring that ish near me. I worry about my daughter and math, because we have all heard that there is a gender inequality regarding girls and math, and I want my daughter to excel at this subject. But how can I expect her to excel when she comes to me, her main female role model, and I have to work so hard at understanding what she is doing so I can then explain to her how to complete the work? I can yammer all day long about how cool math is because there is always a right or wrong answer and how  math can help someone all throughout their life, but give me an algebra worksheet and I want to go hide in my room for the rest of the day.

It’s such a stupid stereotype, girls being bad at math, and yet I am! I would rather do anything than math. ANYTHING. Want me to clean out your piranha tank using my bare hands that are covered in meat juice? Nooooo problem. Want me to help you write an extra long history paper? Sure! Long division? I am basically sobbing in the corner. I would rather do anything than help with math homework.

Their father is a genius at math. He is happy to help them when he is home and he does a great job of explaining things. Maybe it’s time I start asking him to help me too.

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