Help For Moms: UK Assigns Midwife To Every Pregnant Woman

postpartum depressionIf you’re pregnant and you live in the UK, you’re in luck. That’s because the National Health Service (NHS) plans to provide expectant moms with a midwife before, during and after labor. The initiative is meant to help combat postpartum depression and I must say it’s an amazing idea.

Here in North America, many moms I know have hired a midwife or doula for the same reason many find doctors to be too clinical or simply too busy to give them the attention they crave and so they’re dishing out thousands of dollars to have someone support them through labor and delivery (and everything that follows).

Under the UK’s new health plan, women would receive greater support overall (including antenatal care). As for postnatal care, the midwives will be given specific training to help them identify women at risk for depression.

The midwives will be given additional specific training to help them identity women at risk for depression and other postpartum mood disorders. ”No woman should have to cope with postnatal depression without help and support,” said Health Secretary Andrew Lansley. “The changes we are putting in place today will mean that the NHS is providing even more support to women who have this serious condition.”

It’s amazing to see women receiving so much support, and it’s amazing to see a government making it a priority. Last year, the Daily Mail reported that 49% of mothers (roughly 35,000 a year) do not seek treatment for depression. In many instances, it’s because many new moms either underplayed their symptoms or because they’re worried about social services getting involved and removing their children.

Hopefully this new midwife plan will help combat some of these cases and offer women the support they so badly need and deserve.

(Photo: Dirk Ott/Shutterstock)

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