24 Legit Ways You Can Help A Friend After Their Baby Comes

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Bring Some Hand-Me-Downs

newborn boy

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Please, for the love of life, don’t bring over any more newborn or 0-3 month onesies; most new parents already have way more of those than is reasonable or necessary. But please, feel free to bring over some gently-used, good-condition outfits in larger sizes! Kids go through lots of clothes, sometimes needing fresh ones two or three times a day, especially after they start eating solid foods and through the toddler years. Most moms appreciate getting to bulk out their little one’s wardrobe a bit, especially when it means not having to make an extra run to the store. Plus, there’s just something special about a shirt or dress that was so well loved for one child, and is now getting a new lease on life with another.

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