24 Legit Ways You Can Help A Friend After Their Baby Comes

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Listen To Her Birth Story

baby girl

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It’s a universal truth that all women need a chance to decompress after giving birth. We want to talk about it. If it was an amazing, all natural, med-free birth, the mom may want to gush about those endorphins. If it was an amazing, induced, epidural-fueled birth, the mom may need to talk about how great it was to not feel those contractions. And if it was an amazing, somewhere-in-between birth, or an amazing cesarean birth, or any other amazing birth, well, let her talk! Conversely, if things went off-plan; if baby went into distress; if the nurses were awful; if Mama suffered some degree of trauma; please let her talk. Birth is a huge event, and she needs time to process the enormous change her life just underwent. By offering a shoulder to cry on or a body to hug or just an ear to listen, you will help.

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