24 Legit Ways You Can Help A Friend After Their Baby Comes

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Hold Baby While Mom Showers

hot baths burn calories

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Something every new mom gets tired of hearing: Can I hold the baby?? If you’re a few years removed from that stage, you may forget just how much a new mom’s arms ache for the feeling of her newborn when someone else is holding them. At the same time, who doesn’t love holding a tiny infant? Turn this into a win-win situation by giving the mom a chance to take a shower — a real shower, with hot water and shampoo and no baby wailing in the next room. Let her wash off the smell of spit-up and get that dried who-knows-what out of her hair. A shower does wonders for the soul, and your friend will return feeling refreshed and ready to mother again. And in the meantime, you get some snuggle time.

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