Helena Bonham Carter Is Joining The SAHM Club, Says Juggling Career And Motherhood Is Too Hard

Helena Bonham CarterHelena Bonham Carter is joining a growing list of celebrities who decide to take time out of their busy careers to stay home with their kids. The mom of two recently said that she felt the need to stay home for a while, citing how difficult it is to find work life balance with a demanding career.

The always quirky and incredibly talented Bonham Carter has long been know for modern living arrangement with boyfriend Tim Burton and their two kids. The family bought three connected London flats so that each parent could have their own space, with shared family living quarters for the kids in the middle. Honestly, I’ve long dreamed of how amazing this might be.

Now, it looks like after a string of movie successes like Alice In Wonderland and The King’s Speech, the sought-after actress will spending a lot more time in that awesome home. She recently told reporters,

”Juggling motherhood with acting is hard and I’m dropping all the balls at the same time. You always feel like you’re doing everything badly.”

”Tim’s taking time out now, and I think I’ll do the same. We’re trying to be parents, which is harder than anything else.”

Bonham Carter joins another famous mother who wants a career break when her kids are out of diapers, but into school drama and soccer games. Angelina Jolie, whose children are all over the age of four now, recently stated that she was ready to take some time off for motherhood. Bonham Carter’s children are ten and six. The lovely ladies break the traditional idea of staying home for the infant years and then heading back to work once your kids hit school.

So is there anything else, aside from raising her kiddos, that Bonham Carter plans on doing once her schedule opens up just a bit? The actress says she and Burton might finally take the time to get married. She hesitates though: ”It’s the organisation. I can’t invite the world, that’s the thing how do you not offend?”

(Photo: Lia Toby/WENN)

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