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Heidi Klum Has A Fashion Line, Thinks Your Kids Taste Is Inferior

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Heidi Klum! Supermodel! Television personality! Mother of four! And now baby and kid’s designer for Babies “R” Us. The clothing and lifestyle collection, called Truly Scrumptious and available Sept. 15, also includes plush toys, strollers and furniture.

The Wall Street Journal talked to Ms. Klum all about her new venture.

How early do you think kids develop a fashion sense?

It depends on what you, as a mom, put your children in or what they are exposed to. If they don’t have a lot, then they just won’t know….My kids have always been exposed to fashion in the world. They see things and they’re like, “Oh my gosh, I want that.”

Well la dee dah Miss Fancypants, exposing your kids to fashionable stuff and then having them exclaim that they want it. How great that your kids want stuff. If your kids, dear reader, don’t have a lot, then they just won’t know! How can you deprive them for wanting stuff by not showing them stuff that they can want? What type of parents are you? So basically, if you show kids stuff, they want stuff.

 It’s the same with food. They love eating yellowtail jalapeño and some other children they will only eat noodles without sauce. We don’t have noodles without sauce. There’s either a Bolognese on there or a tomato sauce. Some kids, I see it when they come to our house, they will only eat certain things and that’s it.

I think Heidi Klume just food shamed my daughter’s penchant for buttered noodles. So basically, if you go to Heidi’s house and she offers you either a dinner of yellowtail jalapeños or noodles without sauce, if you pick the noodles, you lose. Auf wiedersehen, sucker.

There was a time my son Henry was going through and I could call his name over and over, I’m like, “Henry! Henry!” he would just not look. And then I’d say, “Dinosaur” – and all of the sudden he would look.

I’m no parenting expert, but maybe Henry just doesn’t like his name. Maybe Heidi Klum should change his name to “Dinosaur” and then he would fit in with all the other celebrity kids better, like Apple , Ocean and Blanket. Or Seal. Or maybe Henry is ignoring you. Because you haven’t explained to Henry that dinosaurs are extinct.

My girls love tutus. But then you go in every store and there are tutus in every color. I thought, “How can I make a tutu that also looks like a real outfit, so they don’t look like a crazy ballerina walking down the street?” So it’s still something that is fashionable, but inspired by something they love.

I think we just discovered the key to becoming a children’s fashion designer here. We should inspire our collection on things kids love.

My son loves leaving an empty carton of milk in the refrigerator and my daughter loves putting on a giant fake black handlebar mustache and walking around the house claiming to be someone named “Francois.” My clothing collection for children inspired by what my kids love will be available in stores coming soon!

(Photo: The WSJ Online)