Texas Boy Selflessly Spends Savings For A PlayStation And Proves There Is Still Good In The World

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Sometimes I get so bogged down after reading dozens of articles about child abuse and baby murder, and that’s just in one day. And then a sweet little boy goes and does something like this. Nine-year-old Hector Montoya from Grand Prairie, Texas, was like any other elementary school boy: He was saving his money for a PlayStation 4.


Sounds pretty typical so far, but that’s where the story takes an interesting turn. Hector heard about a tragedy in his local community, a fire that killed a mother and daughter who lived nearby. Instead of spending his life’s savings on a pricey PlayStation, he donated the money he had saved to buy smoke detectors for houses in his community:

“It really hurts my heart to see people die in a fire,” Hector told the outlet.

He’d saved $300, and with it he was able to buy 100 smoke detectors which the local fire department installed last weekend, NBC 5 DFW reported.

“Saving a life is more important,” Hector told the outlet.

Wow, just wow. Two things: First, I feel like we can learn so much from this kid. I try to stay aware and donate to charity whenever I can, but I firmly believe it is even more important to keep your eyes open and help those around you whenever they are in need. That has much more meaning, in my book.

Second, Hector has inspired me to continue to teach my kids the value of empathy and helping others, even at a young age. I would be unspeakably proud if either of my kids donated their savings to help another person in need, especially without being prompted by a parent.

Now that there are warm fuzzies all around, the story gets even better. This nine-year-old spent $300 to help his local community and prevent another senseless tragedy. Hector was ready to start saving for another PlayStation, but once the word of his good deed got out, strangers decided to pay it forward. Hector got the PS4 he had his eye on, with an added $100 donation to purchase more smoke alarms for the community.

Many times, innocent kids have something to teach us smart grownups. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to listen to Hector’s advice and open my eyes to the world around me: “Helping other people makes me feel good… I’m making a difference by doing this, and helping everybody.”