Heart-Warming: Gabby Douglas And Her Two Moms

We’re all going to be talking about Gabby Douglas for the next month, I think. The amazing young gymnast who helped the women’s team take home gold and earned the all-around championship herself is just too easy to love. She has a huge smile, a positive energy and a whole lot of talent. Long after the Olympic Games are over, we’ll still be hearing about Gabrielle Douglas.

And when we’re honoring this amazing athlete and her accomplishments, talk will naturally go to the support system to she had. We’ll start to talk about the people who helped Gabby achieve her tremendous London victories. Everyone will expect to hear about her single mother, Natalie Hawkins, who worked hard to help her daughter get the best training she could. We’ll rightfully honor that woman’s commitment to her daughter and sacrifice for her children.

But there will be another woman, a “Mom 2” out there, and I wonder how much we’ll mention her. The woman’s name is Missy Parton, and she’s the wonderful woman who took Gabby in while she was training for the Olympics in Des Moines, Iowa. She’s so close to this family now, that it was Ms. Hawkins herself who dubbed her “Mom 2.”

It’s always amazing to see the way women can come together to support a child. I think it’s so nice to hold up these examples, instead of only talking about the times that women compete for children’s affection, think about every “step-mother” character you’ve ever known. Gabby Douglas had two ladies who were pulling for her, two moms who were cheering her on. And I think that it’s a wonderful relationship in-and-of-itself. I think it’s something that should make us all smile.

We’re all going to be talking about Gabby Douglas for a while. And I, for one, probably won’t get tired of it. Seriously, have you seen this girl smile? But I think it’ll be great if we continue to hear about this wonderful partnership two women formed to help and support one little girl. I think it’s a special relationship, one that I hope my daughter can experience when she gets a step-mother in the future.

So congratulations to Gabby! But also, congratulations to the two women who were standing behind her, helping her along the way. They all have so much to be proud of.

(Photo: GMA)

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