10 Memes That Come to Mind When You Hear the Words ‘Head Lice’

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The beginning of the school year brings lots of new things: teachers, friends, classes. It also has one particularly hideous old thing: head lice. There is nothing like the feeling of dread and horror you get when your child brings home the lice letter. You know, the “a child in your kid’s class has lice! Good luck!” letter that makes you want to light everything on fire. If just reading the words “head lice” makes your entire body feel itchy, then these head lice memes are for you.

1. That damn head lice letter.

lice memes

So you just stand there and cry and scratch your head.

2. We’re all a little mad

lice memes

Even the thought of lice breaks something in a mother’s brain.

3. Been there

lice memes

This thought crosses every mother’s mind at least once a week.


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