Mom’s Post About ‘Flawlessly’ Co-Parenting With Her Kid’s Step-Mom Goes Viral

Parenting can be tough. But figuring out how to parent after a break-up or divorce can be harder””especially when there are step-parents involved. Emotions can run high between all the parents involved. It’s a difficult balancing act, and not everyone gets it right away. But if you’re all on the same page, which is to say if everyone’s main parenting goal is raising a happy, healthy child, then it really shouldn’t be so difficult. Just ask this mom whose post about ‘flawlessly’ co-parenting with her kid’s step-mom has gone viral, revealing that it’s totally possible to co-parent sans drama.

Dog trainer and mama of two, Hayley Booth recently took to Facebook to discuss an issue many have asked her about: how she’s been successfully co-parenting with her child’s step-mom (whom she refers to as her daughter’s “bonus mom”).

“My answer is always the same– We just love our daughter. Seriously, it’s just that simple.”

I know. Maybe it isn’t what you expected to hear. Maybe you were looking for a detailed, step-by-step arrangement. But this is what works for Booth, her husband, her ex, and her ex’s wife. More importantly, it’s what works best for their daughter.

Why co-parenting with her kid’s step-mom is the best thing for her child

“No child deserves to be tossed around back and forth, used as a bargaining chip, or to be put in the middle of any adult drama. She didn’t choose to be born, and she certainly never chose for her parents to get divorced,” Booth says in her Facebook post, which has since been shared over 21k times.

“Why would we make her life any harder by making her choose which set of parents to love?”

Booth explains that her daughter calls her bonus mommy simply, “mommy,” and how that is totally fine with her.

“…that’s what she is to her, she IS her mommy. She is there for her always…she does everything any mother would do. But most of all she loves her like she is her own. It takes a very special woman to take a child that they didn’t give birth to, under their wing and become their mother,” says Booth.

The co-parenting mom even goes so far as to declare that she and her daughter’s bonus mom have become best friends.

“Don’t tell me that peaceful co-parenting isn’t possible, because it is,” Booth says.

“It takes a village to raise a child, and I am beyond thankful for my village!”

While every situation is different, and sadly some folks are unable to get past their divorce issues for perfectly valid reasons, wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone could put themselves aside and just do what’s best for the kids?

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(Image: Facebook / Hayley Booth)

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